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Opinion: Your're name


Two persons switch bodies. It’s a theme that many series, movies and anime use. Examples are Disney's Friki Friday or the anime Kororo Conect. This time, Makoto Shinkai brings a new movie that touches this theme additionally with time travel.

Scince the beginning of the movie we notice there is something strange with our female character, Mitsuhara. The movie shows us how did she do last day. She didn't remember what happen, so one can be conclude that she suffers amnesia. As the story continues we discovered that Mitsuha switches body with a high school boy in Tokyo, Taki.

This part of the movie is really fun watching Taki and Mitsuha living their lives with a different body putting notes on cellphones to prevent the original owner of the body knows what happened or the plans of the day. As the movie describes this, one can make a question: Why they are switching bodies? And about the cellphones: They didn't exchange any call or message.

One they the switching stopped and Taki (finally) decides to search for Mitsuha. He don't know where the town is or even the name (how convenient). So with the help of two friends, he begins the journey. When the trio finally arrive to the place, a surprise is waiting for them. Mitsuha died, and her town has destroyed due a meteorite.

Was really necessary to put time lapse and time reset in the movie? No. There is only to put a bit drama and make the movie more complicated that was originally. And because of "I want it" the characters fall in love. After a curious declaration both characters forget each other and their lives continue. Does they live in different times? All this was forced.

Characters didn't talk to each other. They only put notes to know what to do. Why they fall in love each other? Basically they didn't know each other.

The positive thing is the animation is really good. The colors and the scenarios are to admire (like in Kotonoha no miwa, Garden of words). Music is not the best but can pass. Honestly is the only 2 things good on the movie. Story is not that good.

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